In 2013, I was leaving a failed marriage, suffering from depression, anxiety and became suicidal. I engaged in a consensual relationship with another adult. I was a probation officer and she was on probation. Now I am a convicted felon.
The relationship was inappropriate and I clearly used poor judgment that should have resulted in me losing my job. However, it should have been an employment issue, not dealt with in the criminal justice realm.
Previous to this I had never even had a speeding ticket. I decided to go into the criminal justice field partly because a friend of mine was the victim of a date rape. I wanted to help and serve others which I did for thirteen years. I took pride in helping to remove predators and child molesters from the street. Now I qualify as a sex offender.
This is an EXTREMELY unique case. I have been unable to find any instance in the nation in which a probation officer was convicted under similar circumstances. Every case I have located involved a probation officer directly supervising a person who they coerced or manipulated. As you will read, this is a far cry from what happened in my case.
I am seeking assistance in helping me reverse what I believe is an egregious injustice by the criminal justice system based on a poorly written and conceived piece of legislation that many people question and that I strongly believe to be unconstitutional.
Please take your time your time to explore the website, learn about my and the issues involved. The menu at the top is full of information. Below are some links to previous articles and documents. There is also a blog which will be detailing problems with the national Sex Offender Registration Act (SORNA).

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