It is not over dramatic to claim this event has destroyed my life. I deserved to be fired or forced to resign from my position as a probation officer and I should never work in that field again. That should have been the consequence of my actions.

While the court process was on-going and believing my case was going to be dismissed, I was attempting to secure employment with and was a finalist for a job as an insurance adjuster with Farmer’s Insurance. Once they found out about my situation, that opportunity was gone.

Other than a motel clerk ($10.00) an hour I have been unable to find full time employment. You cannot live off of $10.00 an hour. I was even unable to get a job at KMart. Most corporations refuse to hire sex offenders because it is perceived as a liability should someone harm someone in their store.

I have had to live with family members since 2013 and I have a ten-year-old son I have 50% custody of.

The inability to find work destroyed a long-term relationship I was in. Unable to find decent full-time work, I opened my own business which ultimately failed and went under in April of 2019. I have lost a pension fund trying to keep the business afloat.

My sex offender registration information is available on the internet for anyone to see. I have been harassed, threatened and publicly humiliated by a former probation client.

The event has hurt and greatly burdened my family, saddled me with insurmountable debt and left me unable to provide for my son. I continue to struggle and deal with my mental health. I am unable to afford to hire or find any attorney who will assist me in finding any remedy for this situation.